Welcome to Omnisolver’s documentation!#


Omnisolver is a collection of Binary Quadratic Model solvers and a framework for implementing them.

Benefits for the end-users#

Omnisolver contains a selection of standard and more sophisticated algorithms for solving BQMs. All solvers are available through intuitive CLI or from Python scripts as dimod based Samplers.

Benefits For solver creators#

Omnisolver allows developer to focus on algorithms instead of common tasks like handling input/output or creating CLI.

Quick start#

# install omnisolver and parallel tempering plugin pip install omnisolver omnisolver-pt # create an example input file (three frustrated spins) echo "0 1 1.0 1 2 1.0 2 0 1.0" > instance.txt # run solver, assume we use Ising model omnisolver pt --vartype SPIN instance.txt 0,1,2,energy,num_occurrences 1,-1,-1,-1.0,1


List of available plugins#

  • omnisolver-pt: plugin implementing Parallel-Tempering sampler.

  • omnisolver-bruteforce: plugin implementing bruteforce (a.k.a exhaustive search) sampler. Capable of utilizing CUDA-enabled GPUs for accelerating computation.